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Meet a man who can make your mind shine

Taking care of my mind is one of the most important things in my life. I read, think, debate, write, create, negotiate, question, and provoke; I play mind games and solve riddles and lateral thinking puzzles. Being ahead of the game by mastering our minds is not that hard when you can learn from the […]

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HIIT for the Brain

  • 28.12.2020.

You think that’s it? You don’t know how to perform better, you don’t know how to be more productive, you don’t know how to do things differently, to be more creative? To be able to achieve more is easier than you think. Through the unique educational program “HIIT for the Brain: High-Intensity Interval Training for the Mind”, numerous applicable perspectives and answers are offered to the biggest questions from the field of personal and business growth. The program is a combination of techniques, puzzles, and “Brain games” for practical stimulation of inventiveness, creativity and for opening new perspectives. This educational treat by Dragana Djermanovic has been rated 9.9 out of a maximum of 10 and has been implemented in companies from various types of industries, from IT, sports associations, automotive industry, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry, FMCG and financial industry, such as leasing companies, funds, insurance companies, and banks.

What you will learn:

  1. What motivates people [employees, consumers, wider community] to choose one thing rather than the other?
  2. How to increase productivity without hiring more people?
  3. How can each of us provide better inputs, generate ideas, and contribute more effectively to the team at the same time every day?
  4. What is our competitive advantage in relation to other colleagues/people, in relation to the competition, and even in relation to machines and Artificial Intelligence that runs into all pores of our business?
  5. 10 easy steps to improve creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and performance

Lecture duration:

⏱ 2 to 4 hours
⏱? Lecture with workshop – 3 to 5 hours

Who is this lecture for:

The lecture is intended for representatives of top management and strategic decision-makers. It has also been evaluated as excellent among the group of salespersons, sales managers, and CEOs.