Dragana Djermanovic has delivered hundreds of lectures at public conventions, events, panels, symposia, and conferences, as well as for companies and startups at internal events. She has performed at conferences in Canada, Germany, India, Luxembourg, China, France, United States, as well as at the most eminent business events in her home country and the region. For her public appearances, without exception, she was given the highest ratings.

Lecture is giving. The task of the speaker is to give knowledge & tools to the participants, not to make themselves look smart. The goal is not to show we’re smart, but to enable all those who made time and gave their money to listen to us to make smarter decisions right after they have gained new knowledge. With lectures like this, with sharing knowledge, we all benefit. That’s the only way I give, and the only way I teach. – Dragana Djermanovic

Lecture topics

Dragana Djermanovic is well-known for her interesting performance, original approach to topics, and great communication with the audience. During her lectures, she leaves no-one indifferent, neither by topic nor performance. The topics she most often teaches about are divided into three parts: 1) Business and management, 2) Mind Your Mind group of topics & lectures, and 3) One on One lectures and mentoring. Some of the lectures are:

  • ⑴ Business and management – trends, case studies by areas, workshops on growth and development, leadership, solving specific business challenges in the segment of relationships with customers, employees, competition, and defining business strategies and designing new products and services
    • Digital Transformation – apprehensible explanations of all digital technologies that transform the way we work and live, with examples and practical steps for adopting certain tools and technologies
    • Female Entrepreneurship – examples, suggestions, best practice
    • The story of D – a story of determination, decisions, desire, and development
    • [Business] World today – a unique lecture that brings together changes in business, management styles, consumer behavior, and technologies that transform everything
    • Socially Responsible Companies – how wise & proactive companies do business, and why most of the companies don’t get it and therefore struggle to survive
    • Business in five lessons – at least four of the five lessons you might not enjoy, but each lesson will change the way you look at business, by giving you practical suggestions for business growth and development
    • The Sharing Economy – one and one became 11, where are you in all this?
    • Share the fire – creative solutions to engage people & empower the brand, products, and offers
    • New Business Models
  • ⑵ Mind your Mind – a set of lectures and workshops on the topic of creative & lateral thinking, creativity, creating innovations & refreshing business, internal and customer relationships in an original and creative way
    • HIIT for the brain – High-Intensity Interval Training for the Mind is a lecture with a workshop that will shake your brain!
    • Awakening of innovation
    • 3 simple steps to creativity
  • ⑶ One on One workshops, training, and mentoring work, which Dragana is known for. This way, according to a predetermined methodology and time frame, Dragana guides a client through a process of defining goals, creating a map of activities and planning, managing time and resources, and developing relationships, skills, and knowledge that the client lacks to achieve defined goals. Dragana Djermanovic guided numerous celebrities, athletes, directors, public figures, politicians, ministers, and mayors through her “One on One” workshop program. “Among my clients, there were confused billionaires, rampant millionaires, unhappy directors, frightened managers, political leaders full of self-confidence and entrepreneurs who were at the beginning of their careers and are now among the most successful in their field,” Dragana says about her experiences. “My clients learn from me, and I learn from each and every one of them. In only one year, three out of four long-term clients wanted to buy a stake in my company, although none of them worked in my industry – one was in sports, one from the media business, and one from IT sector. When I asked them why, more or less they all said they would like us to work and grow together for as long as possible, in any way. I am proud of their success, but also of my perseverance to become and remain the best in my job.”

You can see the list of current topics and lectures at this link, while here you can find numerous recommendations for her teaching work.

Since my business partner and I started working with Dragana Djermanovic, our business has risen to levels that we didn’t know existed. Before working with her, I was in a burnout phase, every day a new business problem would arise that diverted my focus from the wider image to the extent that I began to lose my life enthusiasm, which affected my private life also. She is a woman who leaves nothing to chance. She has tools to predict and prevent any future problem, to solve current problems, and she uses those tools without hesitation to shape the business and direct its growth in the right direction in a painless way. The beauty of working with her lies in the fact that she is able to present even the most complex analysis and solution in the way that everyone can understand and easily apply them. In addition to all that, since I have been working with her and applying her advice, there has been a noticeable improvement in all spheres of my life. I value myself and my time more, and I have more self-confidence. She taught me how to improve relationship with friends and family, and how to save energy without wasting it on people and jobs that do not deserve it. Thanks to that, I’ve finally found time to finish another faculty, to finish writing a book, and I could make time for people important to me.
If I had to use one word to describe working with Dragana, that word would be – magical! Yes, the work we’ve done, and the results of working with her seem like magic, but the fact is that the right analysis and the right organization are behind it, as well as separating the essential from the urgent, and understanding of one’s own identity and value. I would like to recommend her work and lectures to anyone who is diligent, to those who feel as if 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to do all the things, to everyone who wants to do well in every aspect of life and to do it with ease, and to people who want to be the best version of themselves. – S.K.