A century for the good things – the future of business

A very important thing is being neglected by more and more experts from various communication and management areas . You can’t see it, perhaps.

Nevertheless, the entire story about the Internet revolution does not stop to surprise us (pleasantly- unpleasantly, depending on which side of the ring we are standing). Each day there is something new… In December 2009, Facebook overcame Yahoo by a number of individual visits, and is coming close to Google as well. Google News had more individual posts than any on-line editions and variables of the New York Times… Then, there is the social gaming… games on social networks – 55% of the players are women and the average age of the gamers is 43 years. The baby boomers (those born between the years 1943 and 1960) as a demographical group marked the biggest growth in profile management and maintenance on the social networks years back.

The conversational trends manifesting in a more frequent on-line connecting between people among the demographic categories are closely connected to the desire for people to create the long tail. More precisely, to make us all together, all 2 billion of us, influence small and big things…

When we act apart, our goals are different. When we act together- even for a day -> WE ARE MAKING THE (WHOLE) WORLD A BETTER PLACE!

For example, according to Edelman Trust Barometer for 2010, the most important thing to people when it comes to companies is NOT the financial power; what’s more, it is in the last place. People CARE THE MOST about the transparency and trust in the company and its well-being vision! Yup.

Individuals around the world have expressed their attitude in numerous studies -> that they are willing to change even the hardcore habits in the name of the companies (organizations) and their products (services) if those companies are willing to change the world for better!

Now… when companies start to do their business thinking BETTER is (as a consequence, sooner or later) MORE, and not MORE is BETTER (the XX century doctrine – short-term) they begin to make substantially better financial and overall business results. To be more precise, in the last 30 years, as many as 80 academic studies were made and even 53% of them noted a significant financial success of the companies who were truly socially responsible and changing the world with their strategic decisions.

We can now play ping-pong with this… say blah-blah… this and that… hen & egg and similar empty phrases, but one thing we cannot neglect:

  • the business models of the XX century-> meaningless in the XXI century!
  • the cultural models of the XX century-> meaningless in the XXI century!
  • the educational models of the XX century-> meaningless in the XXI century!- kids can no longer stand the passiveness and boredom in classes! A condition they have no control of and no active participation in…

and (ONLY) then can we come to the theory of the Internet, well-known (let’s say) to everyone:

  • COMMUNICATION models of the XX century -> meaningless in the XXI century! These changes in communication were a trigger… even if everybody accepts them and opens to the public via all-mighty channels -> nothing will be done on the middle or long-run! That was the first round! The first task! It has to be accompanied by a true wish of the companies to create products and services which are valuable and good; to make strategies which fit into the vision of well-being for everyone (not only for shareholders); that in the process of collaboration with us who make the added or any other value they clean after the shit they (by themselves) accumulated for centuries back. Or there will be no more of them… We’ll see and read about it in 10, 20 years from now… then discuss business models…

Clay Shirky said: When we change the way we communicate-> we change the society!

Who’s up for it? Who? Everybody but the companies!

The time of the people is coming… It has come.[:]


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