Community management from the first hand

1. Being correct with people

2. Knowing how to lead in general

If you’re commissioned, think about the following things:

1. Does the organization that’s planning to hire you understand online dialogue?

2. Does this organization see online activism ONLY as a fad or a trend?

3. Does it have the strength and the willpower due to overall sociological changes – not just camouflage itself with your help?

4. Is your role an introductory activity or to uncompromisingly spreading the sense and significance of the polyvalent, transparent, real time net conversation taking place throughout the organization?

5. Is your activism a part of an overall strategic approach and not merely a campaign trick?

By asking these questions will present you in an appropriate and serious manner, and will help you to understand your role within the project. The answers you’ll get will tell you a lot everything about your employer. Trust me on this one. Then expect:

  • Acquainting yourself with the strategy, the goals and methods of measuring your work
  • With that in mind, this means a precise time frame of your activities
  • Precisely written down and defined work conditions -> number of working hours, as well as payment conditions and your rights

We’re all aware of the transparency of the internet as a medium. Not only is this medium transparent, but it’s also permanent. Everything that is publicly written about you, your work, your relationship with clients on the internet -> is there to stay. The internet is no place for charlatans. They have another playground. Here, precision, respect and professionalism write themselves in bold lettering!

Hana, thanks for the post. It means a lot.




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