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Do you remember Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb or Vienna 20 years ago? 30 years ago?

There’s a certain difference when you compare them today. Just imagine the difference between the same cities today and a century ago?! Yes, there is a difference. Now visualize a press release. Some of those that you’ve written, received or read somewhere these days… It’s the same. It’s absolutely the same as it was one hundred years ago!

The world is turning. Industries are adapting. Communication techniques are advancing. Daily. A dominant communicational tool of PR: a press release is the same and as consistent as it was a century ago!

The history of the famous “Inverted Pyramid” model is the foundation of most news, relating back to the 19th century and since then has become the dominant model of release writing.

Take a look at the example below:

Now take a look at the following figures:

– People have never accepted as much information as today! In fact, it’s information that is looking for and successfully finding US!

– There are less people working at news desks than 10 years ago

– The news industry crisis is also affecting us (communications professionals) and them (information representatives), where 40% of editors state that they’ll need an even stronger support as well as quicker colleagues in their struggle “against” the expansion of civil and social media “journalism”.

Take a look at the bigger picture!

Think about innovations that don’t cost anything, but advance and facilitate work:


Good, colorful, creative, animated images or caricatures! Laid out into infographics! All data put into images, all words into numbers. All articles or detailed essays should be left for a face to face meeting with journalists or discussed in a phone call!

The first known infographic was assembled by Goebels, the Nazi minister of propaganda.

Here is an interesting infographic addressing savings and the habits of people who put money away:

Source of infographic -> Flickr via @rajkamalaich

#useful: daily source & samples of infographics:


Free up news-desk inboxes! Post content to innovative media centers based around your website. You don’t have to be a social media expert (right away) to open a company YouTube account and use it to post videos, advertisements, press conferences.

Using Slide share for example, you can instantly create presentations and graphics, as well as share them. Files, annual reports, studies, graphics and PDF flyers can instantly be posted to your Scribd account, a great file sharing service! Very simple, very quick, very safe! Don’t send e-mails, don’t burn CDs… send people links! Make it easier for them. Speed up the process of news creation! Help them win the race against a mass that already knows this and works much quicker than you and them. Do this for yourself.

Organize your website’s media center as soon as possible!

Press conference!

Do you hold press conferences? I know you do. Why not install a camera in the conference hall that would translate your event in live time? Then you share your link… and then your event is followed not only by the present journalists – them for sure. You could also be followed by those journalists that couldn’t make it due to:

  • Traffic
  • Unsolved logistical questions (who will pay for their trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad, etc.)
  • The lack of manpower and the need of everyone being at their posts

Your event can also be followed by a broader online community: bloggers, active twitter users or random web surfers. This is actually a public conference, not for the press. This is a media conference, where today, wherever we are, we’re all media!

Costs?! Zilch! Benefits – multiple!

As far as I know, aside from numerous free solutions, streaming support in Serbia is done by crews from Madnet and live E-tv.

Besides live streaming, you’ll also have a video recording for your web archive which can later on be posted to your YouTube or Vimeo accounts. Don’t fuss too much over video quality – people aren’t looking for model-like anchors! What will do is simply having some good discussion themes, interesting offers and let the audience get a feel for the people on the other side. By no means have professional speakers or trained PR professionals. If you’re authentic, you can’t be too wrong!

Take a look at how I see a modern press release. AIK bank (yeah, the domestic one) has successfully stepped into this (via

Simple. Informative. Useful.

A proactive communicational approach was the theme at the conference hosted by Proactive, Prime agency in Vlašić. Here are the slides:

This is a time full of opportunities! The only presumption is something you already know -> Change.



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quality over quantity – naša gaga piše retko, ali uvek dobro i korisno :)


Draga kolegice, najprije srdačan pozdrav iz Hercegovine. Ovo je veoma korisno.  Posebno mi se sviđa termin “konferencija za javnost” jer to konferencija za medije uistinu i jeste. Iako sam o tome već razmišljao ali nakon ovoga posta slijedi primjena prvom prigodom. Što još da kažem samo nastavi tako.


Lep i koristan tekst. Hvala mnogo na njemu. Ni meni nije jasno kako smo toliko “zastareli” u odnosu na ono sto bi uz samo malo vise rada mogli da postignemo.


Benti što nisam prije ovo pročitao umjesto da pokušavam kopirati ono što rade veliki :(


hvala ti za ovaj zanimljiv članak. uspjeh za vas!

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