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Svi oni sadržaji koji su u mom umu bili okidač za pisanje, za akcije i reakcije.

Are you a good boss?

As much as we’re good at things individually, we can be even better working as a team! I read somewhere that teamwork is good because there are always those that like to do something you don’t, but don’t like to do what YOU are good at. That’s synergy.

A good team is created gradually, it develops and grows with time. Even though that every member is an important link – the team leader (The Boss) is still the one with the most responsibilities. So what makes a good boss?

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Large companies and social media #tweetomania

Things have changed to the better, even for us back home. The dialogue within social media is lead by us – the individual users amongst ourselves, although we have been joined by large companies as well. Why is this important?

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The secret of success?!

A long time ago, Miloš told me: “You have potential! But you know what kiddo, out of the 100% of people with potential, 80% do absolutely nothing with it!

This sentence was engraved in my memory.

When you’re good – built of good material, and you get a chance but don’t use it – then that’s bad. It’s so bad it doesn’t get any worse, even compared to those who have potential but never got a chance to show it!

So what’s the catch?

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Do you know how to be a PR?

Carl Gustav Jung, a psychiatrist and the founder of the methodology of analytical psychology (among other things), stated that in order to understand psychology you had to possess knowledge in the following fields: philology, history, archeology, mythology, folklore studies, ethnology, philosophy, theology, children psychology and biology!

Which knowledges do we have to possess in order to understand communicology and our (humble) PR? An which skills…

Talking to my fellow colleagues, we realized that not many PRs have good knowledge in, let’s say, general culture, linguistics, economy, management, politics, psychology, art, history (of business, communications and society as a whole).

Wide education – better focus in doing business!- (DDj, sometime, somewhere)

When it comes to skills necessary to make a good PR manager out of you, I would emphasize the development and perfection of learning abilities, listening, reading, problem solving and creative thinking, group productivity, negotiation, organizational and leadership skills in general.

With this base, our profession is just like the media and the public present it: we are mere operators of promotional activities aiming at the additional product or (in best case) brand promotion.

With the knowledges and abilities of that kind – it is no wonder that we are seen as chatters in stead of the wise, direct communicators to all target publics and the most wide community.

Pay no attention to me, I’m just thinking out loud…

Your DDj

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What is a blog?

At this moment, I am participating in the creation of three corporate blogs, and lately, a few people dear to me also started blogging… with what they personally have to offer… for their own (and my own) pleasure. The same questions impose here…

I will upload some fresh lectures on corporate blogging… a couple of simply useful things.

However, I wanted to state something else… How do I see blog?

When I open somebody’s blog, I want to have a sense of looking the author directly into his wide open eyes! That’s the impression I want! This is when a blog goes to the readers and comes back to them… because I love looking people in the eyes… eyes wide open.

If, for some reason, I visit somebody’s personal blog and encounter a squinty, boring look, I rarely make connection to the blogger… this usually means that the blogger has no clear attitude or won’t show it or has no idea of what he wants to accomplish with the blog and the community around it. Sometimes it means that the blog is sludgy… you know, like it hides some intentions… it provokes, leads me on…

That I don’t like..

This is, naturally, a personal impression of mine. How I see and love blogs.

When talking about corporate blogs, the situation is somewhat similar, but still different in certain aspects (more complex).

The similarity lies in the fact that in order for the corporate blog to be successful from the very start, we have to forget all about making the blog! The making of an effective corporate blog necessarily (and primarily) implies the making of effective bloggers!

We know some people from your company. They’re pretty cool on-line. Do you have any more like that you’re hiding? Can they come out and play? – Cluetrain Manifesto

It is essential to build healthy foundations of a corporate blog… there are many ways to do this, and the regional and world practice is (ful)filled with various examples (you all know the story of Direct2dell, and

As for me, I think that the simplest and most effective recommendation as to how to corporate-blog successfully is the sentence by the CEO at Sun Microsystems (Oracle), Jonathan Schwartz he shared with his (blogging) employees:

  • Do not do anything stupid.
  • Write about something you know.
  • Make it interesting!

That much! That exactly! The essence!

*Digression: the same CEO recently quit the Sun exclusively sharing this on his Twitter status and in haiku…Too cool!

So, my wish is for you to give me a deep, wide-open look in the eyes when I open your on-line diary! And when I close my eyes for a moment or deny you of anything, hit me in the head with it on so that I can come to senses as soon as possible.


p.s. I don’t know if I’ve ever done this in public, but I am thankful to the end to Varagić for making me start blogging in three steps! One of these days I shall write about what that decision meant for me. PRiceless!

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