PRPepper is a full service Internet agency that offers unique business and communication solutions. Our team specializes in the following activities:

  • Creation of communications strategies and their implementation
  • Complex analysis, real-time analysis and in-house online clipping solutions
  • Mapping, gathering and development of a user/fan based community gathered around the client
  • Programming of scalable solutions
  • Programming of mobile applications
  • Installation of server infrastructure
  • Video production and creation of multimedia content
  • Total design – logos, visual solutions, MEMEs, infographics, social media visuals

Interview with CEO, Dragana Djermanovic

Q: What is the role of an Internet communications strategy in creating a company’s general strategic goal?

DDj: “If you don’t know where you’re headed, every road leads you there. If you know where you’re going, you have to have a plan to eventually reach your goal, otherwise you will lose time, money and most often – the opportunity to do so. However, developed markets have been making profit for many years by enhancing their image and breaking barriers by entering new markets through usage of the Internet. Happiness is the moment in which preparation and opportunity meet. Strategy prepares us. Strategy wins.”

Q: According to your experience, what dilemmas are top management facing when they need to ‘open up’ their brand or company to the public through social media?

DDj: “First and foremost, they need to think about risks: how to react to negative comments, what transparency means four our business, who and how should present the company, is the Internet only used for communication and chatting or whether it can be used to lead a serious business. These are all serious questions, but also questions that thousands of companies have asked before you. The majority either found an answer to the question or managed to find help. There’s a way, whenever there is interest and willpower, there is always a safe way.”

Q: The Internet isn’t only social networks, but also a network of relationships and processes that create it. What are the characteristics of such a social web?

DDj: “Besides communication, social networks are tools used for creating relationships with specific target groups, creating more efficient relationships with the media, for product testing, campaign creation or innovation. By using social networks, you can achieve a significant flow of goods and services, while the community is engaged around corporate social themes. What today’s companies have is the holy grail of all 20th century businesses – an economical approach to all target groups in one place, available to every company regardless of size, position or location.”

Q: What are the biggest challenges that lie ahead for the social web?

DDj: “Data privacy protection, freedom of speech abuse, manipulation of personal and brand identities, as well as the speed at which misinformation spreads are just some of the challenges that the so-called “social web” is facing, along with all of its (individual and corporate) users. There are many more opportunities than challenges. The speed, cost-effectiveness, market segmentation, linkage of the brand and people, as well as employees and users are just a few of the great opportunities. No matter how many challenges and opportunities there are, the social web is an integral part of life for most of the population. As for brands, they are placed wherever there are people. Both those who are courageous and those a bit less daring are fearful just as much. The social web is comprised of banks, insurance companies, politicians, the media, as well as representatives of what we know as “traditional” organizations. And there is place for everyone. A good plan, a set or rules and a clear goal are the best recipe for success. Your place is where the people are.”

Q: Your professional credo in one sentence —>

DDj: “Quality, always and forever. This is something that applies to myself, my employees and clients. That is why our clients have been with us for years. We’re not an agency that mass produces ideas, we’re a bit on the geeky side. As our slogan says: “For Smart Brands only” ;)”

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