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Promotional activities as part of the business goal: what is the GOAL?!

The point of every company is to create value… value for shareholders and/or stakeholders. This is basically a broad goal that shapes business strategy and its individual goals, as well as business activities. Google’s slogan is – “don’t be evil”, while their business vision entails providing access to all information in the world, to everyone in the world. Well, it’s clear that that this isn’t a business goal but a vision. However, such a vision creates ambitiously linked goals which result in revenue and even in profit. They result in profit, but profit in itself is not the end goal.

Oftentimes, you hear management and others define “business goals” as “reaching a 20% market share”, “increasing profit by 10%”, “increasing the profit margin from 15 to 20 percent” and such. You should fear any manager that holds an executive or administrative position and doesn’t distinguish the goal from an effect/result. On the other hand, if this is indeed the case, why not simply ask him – Why? Why is THIS the goal? Take a look at this handy technique also known as the “5 Whys” for understanding cause and effect.

Google’s truly inspirational goal didn’t hold it back from building a company whose revenue exponentially grew from its first year in business. An inspirational way of doing business isn’t a question of philosophy without practical and economically competitive business results.

Such a business model is based on profit as an end result. Of course, upon creating an inspirational vision, it’s necessary to steer the company’s development carefully while continuously putting the vision into effect, step by step.

The goal as a means in everyday life
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